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This a MUST WATCH movie…

75 Consecutive Marathons in 75 Consecutive Days

More info about My Run here

The films opens on March 31, 2011 . Check here for a theater near you


Wondering if running or not?…Just watch this video and think again!!

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I just read this: “In my dreams…I’m a Kenyan”


Meet the 3D track

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"Pista de Atletismo includes a stretch of track that arcs up one side, creating a sharp little knoll for the type of grueling runs that can turn puny quads into steel."

More info here

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Are We Born to Run?

TED recently published this endurance running talk by Born to Run author Christopher McDougall. The 15-minute lecture is packed with loads of cool facts on the history of running, and not all of it is prehistoric or barefoot-inspired. For example, did you know that women weren’t allowed to run in marathons before the 80s because organizers worried a woman running more than 26 miles would damage her uterus?

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Ray Zahab is running the Atacama Desert, the driest place on earth.

"Ray Zahab will be sending daily updates as Ray runs roughly 40 miles a day for 16 days across one of the driest places on earth, the Atacama Desert. For more on their journey, check out”

You can follow the daily dispatch via Vimeo here or on the Expedition Journal here

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There is nothing about this report that doesn’t make me smile
1011 in 2011… hell yeah!!!

There is nothing about this report that doesn’t make me smile

1011 in 2011… hell yeah!!!


Week 7 - Preview


Training Report - Week 5 and 6

I’ve been lazy… but just with the writing part. So here it is a double whammy report. 

Week 5 wasn’t easy to put it together, specially the last few days, between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The week started with the regular speed work and finished on the first day of 2011 with 11 miles. That was an awesome way to kick off the year 11 on 2011. I’m pretty proud of myself for sticking to the plan so far.

So, week 6 is here and is the first week of 2011.

This week was kind of hard with an extra day of training, and even though the extra day was an easy day, it just adds miles to the week. I’m pretty close to the 30 miles per week and the pace is almost nearly there. I’m also halfway trough the training schedule, which means that race day, is almost here too.The long run this week was a 10 miler and I nailed 1:28 with a 8:48 pace which is great news for me because I’m pretty close to the race pace.

Six 6 weeks have gone by way fast and with a bunch of miles on then. I ended up December with a awesome number of 105 miles a personal record for me. For 2010 I racked up 584 miles.

Keep on running.   


Don’t be an Idiot: Running Etiquette & General Tips



We called out to our readers via twitter, reddit and facebook to answer a simple question:
What are the things other runners do, 
or forget to do, that drives you crazy?

The response was huge! That’s why we are now dedicating an entire article about this matter.
Here are the top responses we received from you, our readers. 

The no-no’s of running

  • Lining up at the front of the race and then running slower than a baby can crawl.
  • Abruptly stopping during a race. Move to the side first!
  • Running without recovery days, and then complaining about getting injured.
  • Not returning greetings or simple nods when passing another runner.
  • Don’t bring your untrained dog to a race.
  • “I just started running. Can I run a marathon in 6 weeks?”
  • If you must spit or blow your nose please do so at the back of the pack.
  • Runners, don’t run WITH traffic. (Are you crazy?)
  • Don’t be a jerk when talking about your pace. (Check out these cartoons)
  • Cutting other runners off & slowing down.
  • Throwing drinks at the feet of the runners behind you.
    Act like a grown-up and throw it in the bin a few paces down the road.
  • Not paying attention to traffic or signals: It makes us all look bad.
  • Ignoring injuries and trying to ‘run through’ them.
  • If you use someone’s mp3-player / gps-tracker, recharge the batteries!
  • Don’t group-hog the entire road/trail width! Let others pass.
  • Being unaware of your surroundings. Does your music have to be that loud? Really?
  • Stopping IMMEDIATELY after the finish line. Keep going a few meters to get out of the way.
  • Don’t give advice without being asked. This holds true to most sports.
  • Bitching about what’s better: Minimal, barefoot or simple running shoes.
    Choose your own poison and enjoy yourself.
  • Not thanking the volunteers.
  • If you must, then at least look before you spit.
  • Don’t be an elitist *insert inappropriate word*. Whether people run 2 miles or 50 miles a week, they’re runners.
  • If the track is very busy, don’t run upstream.
  • If you have a bad case of the tummy demons, it’s nice to move to the back of the line as to not poison the rest of the group behind you.
  • Play nice. Follow the track rules, and don’t be arrogant when someone points out those rules. Crowded tracks need a set of standards to avoid injuries.
  • Don’t cheat races.
  • Inside lanes on tracks are for fast runners.
  • Don’t literally push people forward when the starting gun has fired.
  • Don’t complain about the workout of your group / partner.
  • If running with someone slower, don’t pressure them to speed up.
  • When your running on trails with your dog, clean up its mess.

Do you have any other annoyances or tips, don’t hesitate to comment below.

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